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12 veggie smoothies for kids

Veggie smoothies for kids

If you’re looking for an easy way to start getting more veggies (happily) into your kids’ stomachs, grab smoothies with both hands and run with them.

Especially if you have a selective eater, this is an awesome way to get them used to ‘eating’ veggies. Rather than hiding them, get them into something that’s guaranteed to be loved, so that veggies can start to be familiar and tasty instead of hidden and gross.

Better yet, have your reluctant veggie eater help you make the smoothie.

This is the perfect time for your selective eater and the snubbed veggies to meet each others acquaintance and have veggies become a familiar, safe, tasty food. Then when spinach is in a soup or casserole, it’s nothing new and doesn’t have to be picked out. 🙂

For this roundup I’ve pulled together some delicious sounding veggie smoothies for kids that will start their ‘veggie smoothie’ journey off well. Nothing that would be too crazy for a brand new veggie-smoothie drinker.  I hope you find a new favourite!

1. High Fiber Broccoli Smoothie 

From: Super Healthy Kids

12 delicious veggie smoothies for kids

This includes both broccoli and avocado, and gets its beautiful red colour from cherries… Guaranteed to be a winner around here if cherries are involved! 🙂

2. Beginner’s Luck Green Smoothie

From: Simple Green Smoothies

12 delicious veggie smoothies for kids! Healthy snacks for kids

Spinach together with a few yellow fruits leaves this veggie and fruit smoothie an awesome green! The yellow fruits give awesome flavour but stay hidden as far as colour goes. Calling all green smoothie sceptics- this one is delicious! My boys can vouch for it also 🙂

3. Chocolate-berry ‘beet-green’ smoothie

From: Tiny Tummy Tales 

12 delicious veggie smoothies for kids

Anyone with a chocolate lover will enjoy this one. A tasty way to add some often wasted greens into a smoothie, and lots of berry-chocolate deliciousness! If beet greens aren’t in season, swap them out for spinach.

4. Healthy Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie 

From: Bless this Mess please

12 delicious veggie smoothies for kids! Healthy snack- yum

Another tasty sounding one that calls for spinach. If your kids are new to green smoothies, spinach is where to begin for a guaranteed win. Don’t go straight for kale or chard- just grab a handful of spinach and your kiddo will not even notice its in there except for the colour! Plus, strawberries & kiwis= Yum!

5. Very Berry and Beetroot Super Smoothie

From: Baby Led Feeding

12 delicious veggie smoothies for kids

Super smoothie is right! Look at how colourful this one is.

Any pink lover is going to love this mixture from Aileen, full of awesome pink beets plus spinach. Anything that vibrant without food colouring is bound to be full of nutrition as well!

*With beets, roasting or steaming them will make it easier to mix in a regular blender, and even add more sweetness to your smoothie.

6. Green Toddler Smoothie

From: Baby FoodE

This one not only has greens, but Michele has added some extra veggies into this one with cucumber too. Win! With the hemp hearts to keep a little one full longer and delicious pineapple, this one is a keeper.

7. Frozen Superhero Smoothie

From: My Fussy Eater

12 veggie smoothies for kids!

Ok. Just looking at this smoothie makes me hungry. And as Ciara says in the recipe description- it looks like something a superhero would drink! What kid can say no to that? 🙂

8. Strawberry Kiwi Protein Smoothie Bowl

From: Lovely Little Kitchen 

12 veggie smoothies for kids

 This one not only looks amazing, it also has plenty of greens in the form of spinach, and some frozen peas! Start your reluctant greens eater off with something like this instead of a side salad to win them over onto team spinach, and suddenly it will be on your grocery list every week. Yum!

9. Creamy Cashew Green Smoothie

From: Tiny Tummy Tales

12 veggie smoothies for kids

This is for the one who loves a creamy smoothie but isn’t such a banana fan. The cashews make this mixture super creamy and the greens add that nutritional punch without the green taste for the new veggie eaters in the crowd 😉

*Cashews are awesome for dairy free creaminess in a smoothie that uses yogurt. Swap out the yogurt for some soaked cashews and a little water for a delicious, creamy texture.

10. Beet & Berries Smoothie

From: Healthy Little Foodies

12 veggie smoothies for kids

Another beautiful pink mix that has a nice addition of beets!

Forget the food colouring, let some veggies make this a tasty and pretty smoothie! Amy has some little taste testers that have given this their stamp of approval, so it’s 100% kid tested too 🙂

11. Swamp Monster Healthy Green Smoothie

From: Eats Amazing

12 veggie smoothies for kids

The name alone is enough to grab the interest of a would-be reluctant veggie eater. Grace has also put together a winning recipe for ingredients that i’m going to bet most people have on hand right now!

12. Tropical fruit and veggie smoothie

From: Tiny Tummy Tales

12 veggie smoothies for kids!

A tasty tropical smoothie with a bit of carrot love is what this smoothie is all about. Add that extra veggie goodness to a tropical mixture & carrots are well on their way to being a favourite. 🙂

So there’s the list. Twelve delicious veggie smoothies that would be great for starting that relationship between your kiddo and veggies.

Bonus, they all make more than one serving, so hopefully Mom can have some too. Score.


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