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1 minute healthy summer snacks for kids

10 healthy summer snacks for kids ready in 1 minute or less

10 quick, healthy summer snacks for kids. These are all ready in 1 minute or less, and great for on-the-go snacks!

Summer is busy. It’s also wonderfully lazy. That’s why quick snacks that are still healthy are the ticket for summer time. 

On-the-go is happening here too. Most of these are very easy to pack along for a quick, healthy kids snack when you’re out at the beach, on a day trip to the zoo, or travelling!

These are basic. (No prize for the most adorable & fancy food at the potluck!) What these get a gold star is for is: Filling, healthy snack into hungry child’s stomach, NOW… Didn’t have to resort to the bag of Oreos. Win 🙂 

1. Super apples (on the go)

Chop apple in 1/2 and remove core. Fill centre with nut or seed butter of choice. So easy, and way less mess than dipping the apple slices! 

Super apples

2. Green Smoothies

Up your smoothie game by adding greens. Spinach is an awesome place to start because it’s so mild you’d never know its in there!

If greens in a smoothie is going to be a deal-breaker, check out these picky eater ‘healthy mail’ kits!

3. Ants on a celery stick

This one is pretty classic. Fill celery stick slice with nut or seed butter and add a few raisins or chocolate chips for ‘ants’. 

4. Banana sandwich

Cut banana lengthwise. Spread nut or seed butter on one half and put halves back together to make ‘sandwich’.

1 minute healthy kids summer snack ideas

5. Instant applesauce-chia pudding

1 single serve applesauce + 1 Tbsp chia seeds. Mix & eat! (For softer seeds, let sit 5 minutes.)


Applesauce alone doesn’t fill my kids up very long, especially on a day where they’re busy and running around or swimming. Chia seeds are loaded with goodness: protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and are great for a filling, healthy snack. Plus they are easily portable in a small container! 

6. Frozen raspberries + roasted nuts or seeds

Frozen raspberries are great for warm days! They are easy to grab, and not too hard to chew.

(You have to decide if your child is okay to eat frozen foods, but we have never had any issues with frozen raspberries). 

Pair the berries with a handful of roasted nuts or seeds (we love almonds) for a more filling snack! 

Roasting nuts & seeds brings out all kinds of delicious flavour you never knew was in there! 

7. Stuffed dates

1 medjool date with pit removed, stuffed almond or peanut butter + 2-3 chocolate chips (optional)

8. ‘Power-up’ Banana Bites

Banana slices + hemp heart sprinkled on top!

Hemp hearts are loaded with nutrition, & make slippery banana slices much easier for little fingers to hold onto as well 🙂

10 quick healthy summer snacks for kids

9. Fruit slices with yogurt dip

The name about says it all. Slice up your kids’ favourite fruits and add a small bowl of greek yogurt for dipping (great for filling them up a little longer!)

10. Lazy day fruit & yogurt parfaits

Plain greek yogurt + defrosted berries, mashed up. Optionally, add a drizzle of maple syrup for a hint more sweetness. 🙂 

*You can also use fresh berries, cut up into cubes*

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