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Meal-Plan In Less Than 10 Minutes


​But coming up with fresh ideas every week is hard! 

And then you still have to make sure all the groceries are on the list. (Including something your 3 year old will eat…)

It’s something that I have dreaded doing…


Meal planning is a time hog.

And getting stuck in a ‘same meals over and over‘ rut is all too real!

How to meal-plan in under 10 minute

This isn’t your typical ‘how-to succeed at meal-planning’ post…You know, the kind with lots of sound good ideas that don’t make it further than your Pinterest board..

(Meal plan with a theme each day! Keep a list of your family’s favourites!)

Though they’re good ideas and can be helpful, you’ve likely tried them (or other meal-planning hacks), as I have, and still end up with no meal plan 1/2 the time…

​To make consistent meal-planning possible for anyone…everyone… I’m sharing the scoop on a ​meal-planning tool that ​is a game-changer,

(Ps… you can use it for free!)

It’s called prepear (like the fruit), and the creators… who are parents to 4 little kiddos themselves and know all about busy….have nailed it!

What’s so great about this tool

  • It gives you back your time. 
  • And saves your sanity.
  • It gives you ideas for what to make!
  • It has desktop & mobile access
  • You can use it for FREE!
  • (Really…$0.00)

(I couldn’t send you a Harry Potter wand but this is almost as good)

I’ve been using this platform a while now, through many updates as they’ve improved and refined it. It’s by far the best of any meal-planning platforms/apps i’ve tried…

I’ll go so far as to say, finding this tool is worth celebrating like you would if your toddler just potty trained 😉 #abouttime #halleluja 

​Here’s a video I put together showing a snapshot of it in action…

PS..​When you try out this meal-planning platform by creating a free account in March, you can enter for a free healthy kids recipe book giveaway! (2 available!)

1.Create a FREE meal-planning account

2. Enter March Healthy Kids Recipe book Giveaway


  • Thousands of recipe ideas (No more “​what should I make??”​)​​​
  • ​Weekly meal plan in under 10 minutes 
  • Grocery list is made for you instantly with 1 tap (Can Mrs. Weasley even do that?)
  • Filter recipes by allergies/special diets
  • ​Add your own fave recipes
  • The handy mobile app sends reminders to your phone! (Put chicken to marinade..etc)

​So get your timer ready and be prepared for a ​lot more free time​- 10 minutes to plan… and GO!

From the one doing cartwheels in the diaper aisle, lets make mealtime magic happen 😉


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