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8 kid loved spinach recipes

8 kid loved spinach recipes

8 kid loved spinach recipes

8 kid-loved spinach recipes

Spinach. That little, unassuming leaf that is LOADED with goodness- and can cause the biggest fuss of any food gracing a dinner table.

What’s not to love about what spinach offers? Minerals, vitamins, popeye muscles…

But it’s green! And therefor must be relegated to the “dreadful, dreadful, very dreadful” list.

It’s time to make spinach awesome.


My ‘go to’ way to make any food awesome is to serve it (again and again) in a variety of ways.

Switch up the way its served, but keep it there, keep it visible, and let my kiddos know what they are eating. Or, better yet, have them help prepare it so they’re more inclined to chow down 🙂

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