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Healthy Lunchbox Ideas For Picky Eaters

20 healthy lunchbox ideas for picky eaters

You’ve gotten the spiderman lunchbox, or maybe a new Planetbox or Yumbox, and now keep wondering… what can I send that my kiddo will eat?

  If this is the case, this roundup is just for you.

This is a list of 20 awesome recipes from healthy kids food bloggers, specifically for moms of picky eaters.  

These recipes are all refined sugar free, refined flour free, and include servings of fruits &/or veggies or whole grains… and totally delicious! For the pizza lover, the pasta lover, the chocolate lover... there’ll be something in this list of healthy ideas for every picky eater’s lunchbox 🙂 

20 Healthy Lunchbox Ideas for Picky Eaters

1. Chocolate-Cherry Muffins

These delicious brownie bite muffins are sweetened with fruit, & are loaded with cherries, whole grains, plus a nice sprinkling of hemp hearts for some healthy fats!

Chocolate cherry muffins with oats and hemp hearts

2. Parmesan Chicken Strips

So many kids love chicken nuggets, even the kids who don’t eat other meat. For that reason, a healthy nuggets recipe is key when you’re packing a picky eater’s lunchbox! These are basic, free from preservitives, and can be made gluten free or nut free (see recipe notes).

Delicious healthy lunch box ideas for picky eaters

Find recipe from Healthy Little Foodies

3. Apple Pie Chia Pudding

Creamy and filled with nutritious chia seeds, which have healthy fats, protein, and fiber all in one tidy teeny little bundle! This is sugar free and super quick to throw together for a tasty treat in a picky eater’s lunchbox.



Find recipe from My Kids Lick The Bowl

4. Grandpa Pig’s Tomato Frittata Fingers

This is an especially fun recipe for picky eaters, as Ciara over at ‘My Fussy Eater’ has taken a fun Peppa Pig story and made a recipe to go along with it! Stories can make trying new foods so much more fun & approachable for picky eaters!


Find recipe from My Fussy Eater

5. Pesto Chicken Meatballs

These meatballs are a quick & easy way to add some veggies into a picky eater’s lunch, even if raw veggie sticks are a no-go! For kiddos who won’t go for the chopped veggies in the meatballs, you could try mincing them in a food processor.


Find recipe from Super Healthy Kids

6. Cookie Dough Hummus Lunchables

Switch up snack with this chickpea loaded hummus that’s sure to be a hit with even the pickiest eater! It would be delicious with apple slices, pretzels, or by itself as a cookie dough in a bowl treat 🙂



Healthy lunchbox recipe ideas for picky eaters

Find recipe on Fork and Beans


7. Picky Eater Green Smoothie

The easiest way to get in some greens! Send a green smoothie in your picky eater’s lunchbox, either made fresh sent in an insulated water thermos, or frozen, if it’ll thaw by lunchtime! This smoothie recipe is perfect for a ‘starter green smoothie’ with lots of delicious fruits and a nutritious serving of spinach that your picky eater won’t be able to taste. 🙂


A great beginner green smoothie for picky eaters! This is a great green smoothie for parents wondering how to get kids to eat spinach. Delicious and healthy, easy & kid loved :)

Find Recipe on  Tiny Tummy Tales

8. Healthy Freezer Chia Seed Jam

If jam ends up in your picky eater’s sandwiches often, this is the perfect recipe for you! Feel great knowing that your jam has a healthy dose of protein, fiber, and omega 3 fats with this super quick jam recipe. No canning involved! We make this jam often here, and it is always a hit! So delicious… so easy.

Healthy Freezer Chia Seed Jam

Find recipe at Sneaky Mommies

9. 5-Minute Applesauce Combos (fruits/Veg)

Michele at Baby Foode has put together a great collection of applesauce combos that are sure to be a hit with any picky eater! With 8 delicious fruit and veggie combos, this will keep things interesting in a lunchbox for a while!

Applesauce Combos

Find Recipe on Baby foode


10. Coconut Nut Free Energy Balls

Everyone loves a sweet treat, and stocking your freezer with nutritious, tasty options like these nut free energy balls will make it easy to avoid packaged fruit snacks and oreos. #momwin


Find Recipe On Sneaky Veg

11. Spaghetti Nests

Spaghetti is often a loved meal of picky eaters, so here’s a fun lunchbox option that has spaghetti cups as a base to a tasty bolognaise with shredded veggies! A great option for the picky eaters who aren’t sold on carrot sticks and snap peas making an appearance in their lunch!



Find recipe on Kidgredients

12. Easy Homemade Cheese Crackers

A tasty way to get some whole grains into your picky eater’s lunchbox! These are a great alternative to chips or many boxed crackers. They’re free of preservatives, while their fun shape will make them a hit with any picky eater!

Homemade Cracker Stars

Find recipe on Goodie Goodie Lunchbox

13. Mini Quinoa Pizza Bites

For the pizza loving picky eater’s lunchbox! Tuck in a few of these little pizza bites with a nutritious quinoa boost! Anything mini is instantly given ‘awesome’ status around here, so we might as well capitalize on that!


Find recipe on Momables

14. Black Bean Brownies

Swap out the typical ingredient brownies (sugar, refined flour, etc..) for these protein filled black bean brownies with avocado- chocolate frosting! Sweetened with maple syrup, these are a great option for a more filling and nutritious treat in a picky eater’s lunchbox!

Screenshot 2018-08-02 14.56.33

Find Recipe on Baby Led Feeding

15. Homemade Uncrustables

Perfect for the pb & j loving picky eater, and so so easy. If your school is nut free (as ours is), swap the pb for sunflower seed butter!


Find recipe on Super Healthy Kids

16. Strawberry-Chia Yogurt Parfaits

Ditch the refined sugar found in many brands of yogurt while keeping the delicious fruit flavour with these strawberry-chia yogrut parfaits! These are sure to be a hit with any yogurt loving picky eater!


Find the recipe on My Kids Lick The Bowl

17. Whole Grain Banana Bread

Tuck some whole grains into your picky eater’s lunchbox with this tasty banana bread! It’s delicious and not at all dry, made with greek yogurt & 100% whole grains.

Delicious, soft whole grain banana bread

Find the recipe on Tiny Tummy Tales


18. Maple Spiced Roasted Chickpeas

Another tasty option for kids who love a crunch snack- swap out chips for these much healthier maple spiced roasted chickpeas!



Find the recipe on Eats Amazing


19. Cherry Bliss Balls

Sweetened with dates and cherries, plus oats and coconut to keep little tummies full during school, these cherry bliss balls are sure to bring a smile to a picky eater’s face at lunchtime! Skip the refined sugar found in so many packaged treats, and send these nutritious bites as a sweet treat for your picky eater instead!



Find recipe at Healthy Little Foodies

20. Whole Grain Blueberry Banana Muffins

Another delicious muffin recipe filled with whole grains and fruit! Blueberry muffins are always loved, and these are sure to be grabbed first from your picky eater’s lunchbox options 🙂

whole wheat blueberry banana muffins

So, there’s the list of 20 healthy lunchbox ideas for picky eaters! I hope you find many new favourites for your kiddo’s lunchbox 🙂