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10 fun and easy ideas for a healthy kindergarten lunchbox

10 fun & easy ideas for a healthy kindergarten lunchbox


Healthy, nut free ideas for a healthy kids lunchbox. Fun & easy!

So this is our first year of lunchbox packing with our oldest off to kindergarten! Which has me thinking – what are things I can make to send that will be fun, healthy, and most importantly, eaten? As well as be nut free. There’s always that… no pb & j allowed. Healthy lunchbox search time!

I’ve put put together a list of things I want to try and am sharing it here for others to use too, if you’re so inclined! These sites all have many other great recipes as well, so browse around:) All photos are courtesy of the site they are being shared from, used with permission. Thanks for that!

1. Leftover Monster Spaghetti Frittata Bites (from Eats Amazing)

leftover spaghetti muffins- a healthy kids' lunchbox recipe!Our soon to be kindergartener saw these from across the room as I was browsing the Eats Amazing site and he came zipping over to let me know that we “have” to make them. 😀 I agree.


2. Whole grain granola bars (from tiny tummy tales)

Homemade chocolate granola bar recipe- 100% whole grain!No crumble, add what you have type granola bars. They use toasted oats and a stovetop mix to bind, so no guessing at baking times. Add any seeds or dried fruit… and a drizzle of chocolate!


3. How to build the perfect toddler salad (from Super Healthy Kids)

How to build the perfect toddler salad from super healthy kids! Awesome for lunch boxes!

This is a great guide from Super Healthy Kids, recommending seasonal ingredients and includes a link to homemade ranch dressing!

SHKs has broken down what makes an awesome kids’ salad for beginner salad eaters. Plus anything served on a skewer is way more fun around here!

(Could cut a stick in 2 to fit in a lunchbox)


P.S. Want free meal plans?

Super Healthy Kids now lets readers try out their popular meal planning service FREE for 30 days 🙂 For a busy mom, it’s a lifesaver! Check it out here!



4. Nut Free Healthy Chocolate Spread (from My Kids Lick The Bowl)

Healthy nut free chocolate spread for a healthy lunchbox option

What kindergartener isn’t going to love a bit of chocolate in their lunchbox? If you find one, let me know 😀 This simple spread or dip is put together with roasted sunflower seeds (much cheaper than many seeds and nuts!)

Stacey recommends using it on toast with banana slices (could do sandwich) or as an apple dip. Maybe I can have the leftovers for my lunch..?


5. Sandwich on a stick (from Two Peas And Their Pod)

Sandwich on a stick- fun and easy idea for kids' healthy lunch!

Here are 4 different types of sandwiches for lunchbox inspiration. And the fact that the sandwich is on a stick will make it so much more fun for a kindergartener at lunch time:)

If you try the PB & J, Maria has included the option of sunflower seed butter in place of peanut butter for nut free schools. I love the pita bread option to switch things up too!

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6. Carrot Stars- 4 ingredients! (From Feeding Finn)

4 ingredient carrot stars- a great healthy lunchbox idea!

These cute little stars sound extremely tasty and very quick/easy too! Four ingredients (one being cheddar cheese = guaranteed delicious) and a cookie cutter is all you need. Score!


7. Cacao and coconut seedy bliss balls (from Kidgredients)

Seedy coconut bliss balls- delicious sweet treat for a healthy lunchbox!

Every kindergartener is going to be loving a sweet treat addition to their lunchbox, and these seedy bliss balls sound like a delicious choice! I’ll be giving them a try for sure. Bonus, your kiddo can help make them very easily, with many little jobs!


8. Strawberry Cream Cheese Sandwiches (from My Fussy Eater)

Strawberry cream cheese sandwiches- a fun idea for a kindergarten lunchbox!

About as easy as you can get! These look like a fun way to switch up sandwiches and add some delicious fruit into the picture!

Bonus- you can watch the bite size video that Ciara has on the recipe page together with your child, making the new sandwich even more fun!


9. Carrot and apple slaw (from Kiddielicious Kitchen)

Quick and easy carrot & apple slaw- a great addition to a healthy kids' lunchbox!

Carrots, apples, and pomegranate seeds in this slaw make it a ‘likely to be devoured’ candidate 🙂 Topped off with a super simple dressing – just what we need when we’re putting together a lunchbox. Nothing complicated and time consuming allowed!


10. Crunchy quinoa granola (from tiny tummy tales)

Delicious quinoa granola- gluten free, dairy free, nut free, refined sugar free!

Granola plus a little container of milk, some yogurt, or to top off applesauce! The quinoa in this recipe gives a delicious ‘nutty’ flavour after it is toasted, and the granola keeps weeks in a mason jar… just ready to be pulled out when time is short!


So there’s my list! Ten healthy and easy, either make ahead or simple to throw together ideas for a fun kindergarten lunchbox 🙂

Your turn! What are your favourites for a fun/easy/healthy lunchbox? Share for others in the comments section!


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