Healthy food for littles, eaten happily
Healthy kids food sites, where to start. A resource for moms

Where to start- healthy kids’ food blogs

Healthy kids food sites, where to start. A resource for moms

This post has been updated since its original publishing in 2015 to include more resources than were first included.

Healthy kids food sites. Where to start?

‘Get kids eating healthy food.’ Google it.  Or, try ‘healthy kids food blogs’. You’ll get a whole lot of results.

‘Veggie recipes for picky eaters’. Search this on Pinterest and you’ll have scads of results there too!

Obviously this is a topic that a lot of moms are interested in.

And there are many (many many) awesome resources out there, which is great, but also can be overwhelming, trying to figure out where to start.

I’m going to share some site here that are packed with great recipes and inspiration as a starting point.

I’ve divided these into 2 categories (+ a bonus) to make it easier to choose where you may want to begin. A few of the sites could have fit into either list, but I put them on one or the other based on where I thought they’d be most beneficial.

  1. Familiar and healthy
  2. Whole/Real foods
  3. +bonus, Baby + Toddler Recipes

There are other sites not listed here that are invaluable as well, so this is by no means a comprehensive list, but meant to be a great place to start if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the volume of information available.


Great kids' food blogs

Familiar and Healthy


For the Mom who wants to add nutrition to her family’s table, while staying with familiar ingredients. You aren’t looking to eliminate ingredients like gluten or dairy from your meals.

Similar to here at Tiny Tummy Tales, the ladies who develop these recipes all use foods that you can find at a typical grocery store. In general, you’ll find awesome recipes to increase veggies and fruits in your meals, and reduce refined flours/sugars.

Each site has its own take on healthy eating, but all are great places to start!

  1. Super Healthy Kids
  2. Weelicious
  3. Healthy Little Foodies
  4. My fussy eater
  5. Don’t waste the Crumbs
  6. Kristine’s Kitchen
  7. My Kids lick the bowl
  8. Real Mom Nutrition
  9. The Nourished Seedling
  10. Holley Grainger
  11. Mom to Mom Nutrition
  12. 100 days of real food
    • No refined ingredients, yet the ingredients are familiar & found at a chain grocery store, so I included them here
  13. Kidgredients
  14. MOMables
  15. Mel’s Kitchen Cafe


Whole/Real Foods- refined free

For the mom who is looking for delicious recipes that are (almost always) 100% refined sugar and refined flour free, & who doesn’t mind stopping in at a health food or specialty store to pick up occasional ingredients. Many of these ladies share gluten free, dairy free recipes, so for kids with allergies, these sites are great too.

As with the previous list, these sites all have their own take on healthy, but are all an awesome resource & starting point.

  1. Mommypotomus
  2. Wellness Mama
  3. Kiddilicious Kitchen
  4. Real food Liz
  5. Kitchen Stewardship
  6. Real food with Kids
  7. Nourish me Mum
  8. Raising Generation Nourished 
  9. Real Food Whole Life
  10. The Natural Nurturer
  11. Against all grains
  12. Bebe and Bear

bonus: Baby + Toddler Food

Baby food & easy finger food recipes and feeding tips are invaluable when you’re just starting out with a new little one. Here are a few sites to get you started!

  1. Baby Led Feeding
  2. Baby FoodE
  3. Hungry Little Munchkins
  4. Delicious Little Kitchen


Enjoy! I hope you find a new favourite or two. Do you have a favourite healthy kids’ food site? Share it in the comments!

Healthy kids food websites, where to start. A resource for moms.

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