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14 healthy Christmas recipes for kids! Whole grains, fruits, veggies, and less sugar- just for the holidays!

14 healthy Christmas recipes for kids!

14 healthy Christmas recipes for kids! Whole grains, fruits, veggies, and less sugar- just for the holidays!

While i’m not looking to be the grinch who stole Christmas, standing guard in front of the usual sugar filled Christmas treats, i’ve been seeing tons of awesome ideas for fun and delicious kids’ Christmas treats that are jammed with nutritious fruits, whole grains, and much less sugar!

Mixing some of  these great ideas into the traditional lineup is an easy way to teach about moderation and healthy eating for kids!

Here are some healthy Christmas recipes I hope to try. Have a peek through and find a few new favourites to try at your house this Christmas too.


Healthy Christmas Recipes for Kids:

gingerbread-granola-with-cranberries-pistachios-white-chocolate-chips-by-five-heart-home_700pxtagGingerbread granola (five heart home)


This granola is packed with nutritious and tasty goodies! Oats, nuts, coconut, spices, cranberries and a few fun sweet chocolate chips for good measure. Pair it with some granola and you have a perfect Christmas breakfast waiting in your cupboard!

Cheesy Christmas tree snacks- a healthy kids christmas idea!

Cheesy Christmas Tree Snacks (Super Healthy Kids)

These fun and healthy Christmas tree snacks would be an easy sell as a snack or side with lunch! Why not add a few veggies all dressed up on a tree? Plus they come together in just a few minutes. I’m sold.

Whole foods gingerbread breakfast smoothie with lots of protein! This is a healthy breakfast or snack recipe for kids! Refined sugar free, gluten free, can be dairy free. A healthy Christmas treat!

Gingerbread breakfast smoothie (tiny tummy tales)

Loaded up with healthy ingredients, sweetened with fruit, and  turned Christmas with delicious gingerbread spices, this oatmeal breakfast smoothie has also been enjoyed around here as a quick and tasty snack!


Delicious and healthy kids' christmas treats roundup!

No-bake chocolate coconut slice (my lovely little lunchbox)

Make these together with your kids, turning a tasty oat and nut mixture into a snowy-day treat with the sprinkled coconut in this recipe!

Kayla, of my lovely little lunchbox, has adorable pictures of her two helpers making this! I’m all for adding some less-sugary treats to the goodie tray!

Healthy Christmas recipe roundup for kids!

Christmas Frozen Yogurt Bark (Feeding Finn)

You can’t get much easier than this healthy fruit and yogurt treat! Amy of Feeding Finn is across the globe, so she’s celebrating Christmas in the summer, but I’m claiming that doesn’t need to stop us who are in the middle of a snowy winter from enjoying this fun, fruit filled treat!

Tasty healthy kids christmas treat!

Healthy Snowman Snack (Red Ted Art)

Skip the sugary snack altogether with this fun and easy healthy snowman snack! This would be an easy one that kids would love to help out with, and Maggy of Red Ted Art has a great little video your kids will love to watch before making their own snack!

Delicious and easy kid loved morning glory muffins made with whole grains, oranges, and seeds! They are dairy free- a great healthy kids breakfast recipe!

Kids’ healthy morning glory muffins – winter edition (tiny tummy tales)

The secret ingredient in these wintery morning glory muffins is the Christmas oranges! (aka- mandarin oranges which have always been and always will be, Christmas oranges)

The orange pieces keep the muffins soft and add a bright, delicious flavour! Whole grains paired with seeds, carrots, and spice – these have been well loved around here!

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strawberry santas. Healthy kids' christmas recipes roundup!

Strawberry Santas (My kids lick the bowl)

Adorable little strawberry Santas, anyone? Pick me! And my boys. They would be so excited to help put these tasty and healthy little morsels together! Such a great idea to add some fun fruit to a Christmas gathering. Count me in!

mint chocolate slice! A healthy kids christmas recipe roundup!

Mint-chocolate slice (Baby Led Feeding)

I have made a mint chocolate slice bar almost every Christmas I can remember. Complete disclosure, i’m a bit of a chocolate mint fiend. So! When I saw this healthier version from Aileen of Baby Led Feeding, I promptly added it to my ‘to make’ list!

These look and sound just as delicious as the traditional version, and would be a lot more filling and nutritious to add to a holiday goody tray!

healthy kids' christmas recipes roundup!

Cranberry and orange ice-cream (My Fussy Eater)

Start with this winning combination of orange and cranberry, and make some amazing sounding ice-cream for the holidays! You’re inside. No one will freeze!

Ciara of My Fussy Eater has used a small bit of honey rather than refined sugar for a sweetener, and this recipe is dairy free as well! Great for those who can’t handle all the milk and cream ice-cream usually has! Yum.

healthy kids' Christmas recipe roundup!

Snowflake Tortilla Crisps (Eats Amazing)

Make healthy and crispy snowflake crisps and replace the chips this Christmas! These fun snowflakes will be well loved on any kids’ plate, and they only use 3 ingredients! Win:)

Grace of Eats Amazing suggests serving these with hummus or another dip. And kids love dip. At least the ones I know do!

Healthy kids Christmas recipe roundup

Green mint chocolate smoothie (Baby FoodE)

Fruit & veggies together with some chocolate and mint. Count me in! If there’s any left I could share with my boys… 🙂

Smoothies aren’t a ‘typical’ Christmas snack, but they easily and quickly could become one, added as a nutritious treat for our kids! We’re talking about chocolate and mint after all. And the spinach adds the beautiful green a Christmas treat loves!

Healthy kids' christmas recipe roundup

Healthier gingerbread men (More Than Just Carrots)

These traditional favourites have swapped the usual all-purpose flour for whole grain, and i’m happy to do that around here too! Why not add a little whole grain to your kids’ Christmas treats? These will be a hit – all kids love decorating cookies!

Healthy kids' Christmas Recipes roundup

Christmas Tree Veggie Snack Plate (Bento Lunch)

Veggies are always a great option! Dress them up like this and even a reluctant veggie eater will take a second look 🙂

I’m a huge fan of easy, fun snacks, and this one definitely is a keeper!

So there they are! Fourteen healthy kids’ Christmas recipes to try this holiday season with your kids. Enjoy!

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