The book - Tiny Tummy Tales
Healthy food for littles, eaten happily

The book

Flint The Dragon
Learns to Fly

….because counting bites isn’t NEARLY as fun as snuggling up to read with your kids!
Let this enchanted kingdom storybook do the heavy lifting for you

Written by Kendra Parks

Two children.

A secret kingdom.

A dragon.

A fairy.

And one AMAZING Super Dragon Rocket Fuel.

Learning to love greens has never been more fun or more delicious!

“Kendra has a unique talent in weaving together the art of story-telling with an underlying message of healthy eating that captivates the attention of children!”

-Sara Galla, The Nourished Seedling 

“Disappeared in seconds! Spinach and chia seeds and all!

They were hooked by the story!”

-Amy, Mother of 3