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Awesome FREE meal planning app

awesome free meal planning app

The best (free!) meal planning app

I’m all about minimizing the number of days when 4:30 hits and meal inspiration…doesn’t.

You know- about the time you begin hunting through your ‘meals to try’ board on pinterest and find out that:

  1. You should have pulled a package of chicken breasts out to defrost yesterday
  2.  You should have picked up an extra can of tomato sauce and head of lettuce …or
  3. You really should have decided what to make hours ago and gotten it into the slow cooker (so that you could be ‘taking it easy’… keeping your toddler from emptying the fridge & your preschooler from practicing his drawing skills on the baby’s face).

Yes. We need more of those days where 4:30 doesn’t mean scramble, stress, and self-aimed lectures about preparedness.

Enter the point of this post- an amazing FREE meal planning app that is seriously awesome. Especially if you are a mom looking for healthy food inspiration!

Amazing free meal planning app


This is an app that’s been developed by the team over at Super Healthy Kids. They distribute their dietician created meal plans through the app.

*Edit to add 2019: There are now many recipe creators who are developing meal plans through this app, including me!

A really great side benefit to this is that, even if you haven’t subscribed to the gold membership to get done-for-you meal plans, you can still use the app- FREE! You can create your own plans with no subscription.

(Plus- if you want to try the plans, Prepear offers a 30 day free trial). Try the meal planning service free for 4 weeks and if it’s not for you, you can still just use the app yourself to meal plan with all the awesome features.¬†

The scoop:

This free meal planning app has way more options than any other I’ve tried.

I’ll share some screenshots here of my favourite features.

1. Recipe discovery mode:

Search through thousands of healthy kids food recipes for inspiration.

amazing free meal planning app!

2. Import favourites from around the web:

So easy to keep all your tried and true recipes on hand to add to your meal plan. You can import with just a few clicks, so you don’t have to add ingredients one by one.

awesome FREE meal planning app

3. Filter options in search

Filter by recipe, cuisine, how long you have to prepare your meal, and special diets/allergies.

Awesome FREE meal planning app

4. Easy to use meal planning layout

Adding and deleting meals is as easy as a swipe. This app is super intuitive and you can add recipes as you browse the recipes with a few taps (plus assign it to a day & meal slot from the browsing screen).

If you sign up for the free Gold membership trial you can still edit the made-for-you plans. Your family isn’t a fan of chili? No problem! Swap it out with a couple of taps for something you love!

awesome FREE meal planning app

5. Recipe mode = awesome

The recipe layout is very easy to use, clean, and you can ‘tick’ each instruction as you complete it to keep your place. (Gold (paid) members can use ‘prepear mode and toggle through the instructions one by one, all while the phone stays on rather than timing out.)

Free meal planning app- so awesome!

Try gold membership and get the access to a growing collection of amazing mealplans  for 30 days free!

6. Grocery list 

The grocery list self-populates based on your recipes & is separated into categories for easy navigation in the store. It also removes items you have ‘in pantry’…

Awesome FREE meal planning app

7. Pantry

Add staples to your pantry so that they are omitted from your grocery list.

(Just remember to keep them stocked by adding them to your grocery list or removing them from the pantry list when they do run out!)

Awesome FREE meal planning app

8. Add your own recipes

This is something that every meal planning app needs! Add your own recipes to prepear and put them on your meal plan. From Grandma’s best chicken soup to your girl friend’s delicious energy bites- you can add them all!

You can also add your own ‘non-recipe’ items to a meal plan. Having pork chops, rice, and frozen veg, and don’t need a recipe? You’re good! Just type it onto your plan.

There’s my take on prepear, and why I think it’s the best free meal planning app available. Go download it and try the super healthy kids meal planning service free for 30 days.

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*This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase a subscription to prepear meal plans via my link, I will receive compensation at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support of tiny tummy tales!

The best free meal planning app- awesome for healthy kid food inspiration

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