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10 greek yogurt recipes for kids

10 delicious recipes using greek yogurt kids will love! Add some probiotics for healthy kids!

Ten greek yogurt recipes for kids

Greek yogurt… check! In cart.

I’ll just fess right up that I really love greek yogurt. It’s filling for a quick breakfast or snack, it can be used in so many ways, and it tastes good to boot! Plus it’s loaded with probiotics. The good guys. The bacteria that we want in our kids’ stomachs, and that I want in mine for that matter.

So here are some (ten to be exact) recipes that use greek yogurt- i’m always looking for new ideas and ways to add it into our food. Here are some i’ve come across!

Some are from tiny tummy tales and others from some great kids bloggers who were game for me to share them here. (ps. thanks for that!)

  1. Tropical fruit and veggie smoothie (tiny tummy tales)

    Smooth and creamy tropical smoothie with fruits, veggies, and greek yogurt! Easy, healthy, and nutritious kids snack idea!

  2. Oatmeal yogurt cups (kids activities blog)

  3. Warm carmel bananas & greek yogurt (Spaceships and laser beams)

    Delicious banana and carmel snack with greek yogurt! Awesome for a healthy kids' dessert!

  4. Roasted sweet potato fries & greek yogurt dip (tiny tummy tales)

    Oven roasted sweet potato fries and mildly spicy greek yogurt dip. Super easy and delicious for healthy kids!

  5. DIY yogurt – make your own! (Kidgredients)

    Easy DIY yogurt recipe. So quick!

  6. Rainbow bit veggie sandwich spread (tiny tummy tales)

    Delicious Rainbow Bit Veggie sandwich spread using greek yogurt. Perfect lunch for healthy kids!

  7. Fruit and nut yoghurt bites (Eats amazing)

    Delicious greek yogurt and fruit/nut snack!

  8. Jam & greek yogurt fruit dip (Sugar Aunts)

  9. Pomegranate honey-lime coleslaw (tiny tummy tales)

    Pomegranate and honey-lime coleslaw. Great salad for kids! Greek yogurt gives an extra probiotic boost!

  10. Cherry smoothie popsicles (The life of Jennifer Dawn)

Enjoy! Happy good bacteria populating 😀

P.S. Your turn! What other recipes do you make that use greek yogurt? If you have a favourite, link to it in the comments so others can try it.. namely me. 😀

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