Tale Library

Welcome to the tale library! 

Two types of ‘tales’  can be found here.

In the ‘Enchandelle tales’, the readers join brother and sister Finn and Penny as they explore the magical kingdom of Enchandelle, meeting dragons, unicorns, elves, and many more wonderful creatures. Each story has a healthful eating theme, presented at a child’s level.

These stories are several pages long and best suited for elementary aged little kitchen helpers!


Fun kids' adventure stories to learn about healthy eating habits!


The ‘tiny tales’ are short stories, and the characters vary. Fairies, monkeys, and field mice are all fair game. Many recipes which have non-typical ingredients, or could use a fun introduction to take the pressure off trying a new dish, are featured in these ‘tiny tales’.

Fun short stories 'tiny tales' for kids! Make trying new foods fun!