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Tale 5: A visit to the dwarf village


Teach kids about healthy eating through stories at tiny tummy tales!

Visit Enchandelle in the fall for a fun and festive harvest feast! What happens as Finn and Penny look for the dwarf village, only to meet up with a great big lion? Flint the dragon joins this tale as well!

Printable PDF file: A visit to the dwarf village

*You will nee a PDF reader on your computer or device to open this file.

**If you haven’t read the introduction to Enchandelle story, it should be read first to fully understand the setting of these tales!


Featured recipes: 

1) Sweet potato Wild Rice soup

Sweet Potato Wild Rice Soup- Healthy Kids' recipe!


2) Pumpkin chip muffins (whole grain)

Delicious whole grain pumpkin chip muffins


3) Maple glazed quinoa bowl

Quinoa bowl with maple glazed veggies- perfect fall side dish!

4) Pomegranate honey-lime coleslaw

(Red ruby pomegranate salad) 🙂

Quick & delicious kid approved coleslaw salad, great for the whole family! This has a yummy honey-lime, greek yogurt dressing. Healthy kids food!

Enjoy story time with your little chef, and have some fun making one of these together in your kitchen!

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