And the garden grew. It grew and it grew and it grew. And the beet patch looked awfully crowded. Those little beets weren’t going to grow up to be plump, delicious beets for roasting because there simply was no room! And so we started yanking. Thin, thin, thin. And then a little […]

Chocolate-berry ‘beet green’ smoothie

Creamy and flavour packed mushroom wild-rice soup! Healthy kid loved recipe. Dairy free, gluten free, whole foods, and tasty:)
The scoop: Wild rice soup is such a well loved favourite, and no wonder! Creamy, flavourful, and pretty easy to make! But if you’re sensitive to dairy at all, ‘creamy’ might make you cringe… Enter……. cashews!! ‘Oh yeah? what are they so great for?’ So glad you asked… these are […]

Mushroom wild-rice soup (dairy free)

Oranges, mangos, greens, cashews and dates blend together to make this delicious, kid approved green smoothie! Great healthy kids' snack or breakfast recipe. 2
  The scoop- kid approved green smoothie   ‘…but it’s green!’ If the colour green in a smoothie is a deal breaker around your house, here’s a little story for you. Or more precisely, for your dubious kitchen connoisseur. (Unless its you not making any green smoothie deals, and then […]

Creamy cashew (kid approved) green smoothie

Rustic crust taco pizza! Whole wheat, flax, and quinoa in this crust make it extra nutritious, and the taco flavour makes it great for kids! Healthy kids meal:)
The scoop on taco pizza: Taco pizza! This is a sure bet for those little chefs who love tacos, and.. well.. pizza 😀 What a revelation, Kendra. Thanks for that. (No problem!) 😀 What we have: -Whole grains and seeds in the pizza crust -Easy homemade pizza sauce (optional- can […]

Easy taco pizza with rustic crust (& greek yogurt dip!)

Sweet Potato Wild Rice Soup- Healthy Kids' recipe! 2
Sweet potato wild rice soup Days getting chilly? Check. Sweet potatoes to use up? Check. Leftover ham? Check. Request to make that soup with the “poky black things”? Check. 🙂 (True request. I had no idea what I was being asked for- my husband had to translate for me…wild rice. […]

Sweet Potato Wild Rice Soup