Picky Eaters
'healthy mail'

Bringing excitement and fun to trying spinach!

A creative answer for parents who want to quit hiding greens and counting bites to get veggies eaten!

"3 bites. Just 3 bites of dinner and then you can play..."

Why does feeding kids have to be so hard?

You know it’s important for your kids to eat some veggies- it’s not that you aren’t trying.

But the 3 bite rule leaves you stuck at the table for 40 minutes, negotiating with your scowling cherub.

…Pinterest’s latest ‘hidden spinach’ casserole didn’t account for your picky eater. #fail

…And now even chocolate ice cream for dessert isn’t enough to get dinner from plate to stomach.

Which leaves you dreaming of a day that you can make something other than:

A) spaghetti and sauce


B) plain cheese pizza *no veggies or meat allowed* 

without causing a meltdown. #pleasejusttryit

It's time for that to change!
There is another, *easier* way.

A way that has picky eaters trying greens…happily!

Meaning no more searching for ways to  hide spinach leaves so they are unrecognizable. #itsanugget

It’s time for spinach to be met with smiles. Not clamped mouths.

Meet 'healthy mail' for picky eaters!

It’s story & activity time at tiny tummy tales, where your child will meet Flint the Dragon.

He’s a dragon who learns to fly by the superpowers in ‘Super Dragon Rocket Fuel’. (aka- a green smoothie). Kids are loving his rocket fuel recipe… handfuls of spinach and all!

Delivered to your door, ‘healthy mail’ is a creative answer for parents who want to quit hiding veggies and counting bites of greens.

Kids love to get mail, and this kit is jam packed with fun and excitement to bring your picky eater onto ‘team spinach’ with a big smile. 

What others are saying:

It disappeared in seconds! Spinach and chia seeds and all! They were hooked by the story!

Amy -Mother of 3 children

Kendra has a unique talent in weaving together the art of story-telling with an underlying message of healthy eating that captivates the attention of children!

-The Nourished Seedling

Wow, talk about a well-written storyline that flows beautifully. My oldest loved the mystery of discovering how Flint will fly. And he especially loved that at the end Kendra shares how to make dragon rocket fuel!

-Mother of 3 year old

Your questions - answered.

Please send any additional questions to

Parent testers have found that children as young as 3 can benefit from much of the content in the kits, up until age 8.

The activities in the activity pack are diverse in how challenging they are. Preschoolers will need some assistance with some pages, where older children often need little assistance.

Shipping is available to all US locations & Canada at flat rates, and internationally, shipping price is calculated at checkout. 

We are happy to offer a sibling kit option! This will include one copy of the book and recipe cards to share, and 2 copies of the activity book, stickers, and green tracker sticker chart for siblings!

I hear you! Time is precious! This kit doesn’t add extras to your already busy schedule.

Reading the storybook together with your child will give you 15 minutes of wonderful together time, and making the smoothies for snacks is quicker than baking muffins or than running to the ice cream store!

The coloring and activity book is a great independent play activity.

If your child cannot read he/she will need someone to read the instructions and may require assistance with some of the more challenging activities.  There are many pages included that will give independent play time for any aged child.

Additionally, this kit will free up time previously spent looking for hidden veggie recipes and negotiating to get bites of dinner eaten! It will allow for more mealtime peace for the whole family.

Such a good question! The beauty of it is, you won’t have to stop with only spinach.

Getting spinach into your child’s diet will open up the whole world of greens! Once spinach is loved, kale, chard, lettuce, cabbage, and so many more greens can follow!

Greens are so easy to add into a variety of dishes, from pizza & pasta sauces to smoothies, to muffins, or even mac & cheese, quickly bringing more nutrition to already loved dishes!

It’s also proven that small steps towards a specific goal will bring success at a much higher rate than trying to change too many things at once. Since spinach is highly nutritious and a food many parents say is very hard to get their picky eaters to happily eat, it’s a great starting point!

Two kit options available

Choose your kit, then sit back & wait for this treasure box to show up for your picky eater(s)!

Single Kit

  • Kid’s Fully Illustrated Storybook – Flint the Dragon learns to fly
  • 5 kid-tested Green Smoothie Recipe Cards
  • Activity Pack (colouring pages and puzzles, making greens awesome)
  • Stickers featuring book characters
  • Sticker chart to track every time super greens are eaten!

Sibling Kit

  • Kid’s Fully Illustrated Storybook – Flint the Dragon learns to fly
  • 5 kid-tested Green Smoothie Recipe Cards
  • (2) Activity Packs (colouring pages and puzzles, making greens awesome)
  • (2) Sticker sheets featuring book characters
  • (2) Sticker charts to track every time super greens are eaten!