Introducing: Healthy Mail for kids!




You don't have to settle for 'at least they ate something'

Meet Healthy Mail

You know your kids should eat healthy food.

You could write the list of why it’s important:

  • To grow & develop with the necessary nutrition
  • Be able to focus in school
  • Skip out on type 2 diabetes & obesity
  • Enjoy eating out or with friends with your kids along, without worrying ‘what’s being served…?’
  • Develop healthy eating habits as a child which they can carry with them their entire life


Kids on the other hand… often want nothing to do with ‘those green things.”

From ‘I don’t like that’ to complete refusal to try even ONE. LITTLE. NO-THANK-YOU. BITE… it can get really exhausting trying to get kids to try new & healthy foods!

 If mealtime battles are getting (very) old, and you’re looking for a way to get your kids on board with healthy food, here’s an answer for you!


It’s time to get your kids HAPPILY eating greens!

Healthy Mail is a creative and FUN way to teach your kids to love spinach & other ‘super greens’ through the awesome power of stories & play, sent to your child ready to use!

A perfect option parents who are ready to DITCH bite counting and stop resorting to hiding those nutrient loaded greens.

Remove the mealtime stress for you & your kids!

Healthy Mail’s Super Powers:

  • Spinach eaten without a battle: Stop counting bites & bribing with chocolate ice cream to get greens eaten.


  • Set your child up for success: By engaging your child’s imagination and love of play, you’re setting the stage for development of awesome healthy eating habits!


  •  An amazing lifelong gift: Encouraging a love of healthy food now will serve your child for an entire lifetime!

    Healthy Mail is a kit packed with fun.

    This kit includes:

    • Flint the Dragon learns to fly storybook
    • Companion activity book
    • Stickers & sticker chart ready for your child to track how often SUPER greens are eaten
    • 5 delicious, kid loved [green smoothie] recipes, including Flint’s amazing ROCKET FUEL from the story!

    Kids are excited to try these green smoothie recipes after reading ‘Flint the Dragon Learns to Fly’!



    Kid Loved.

    "Wow, talk about a well-written storyline that flows beautifully. My oldest loved the mystery of discovering how Flint will fly. And he especially loved that at the end Kendra shares how to make dragon rocket fuel!"


    – Ana-Maria, mother of 3 year old

    "It disappeared in seconds! Spinach and chia seeds and all! They were hooked by the story!"


    – Amy. Mother of 3 children

    "Kendra has a unique talent in weaving together the art of story-telling with an underlying message of healthy eating that captivates the attention of children!"


    – Sarah. The Nourished Seedling

    ‘Healthy Mail’ Win!

    Watch the trailer video!

    Two Kit Options:

    Basic Kit

    -Fully Illustrated Storybook – Flint the Dragon learns to fly
    -5 kid-tested Green Smoothie Recipe Cards
    -Activity Pack
    -Stickers featuring book characters
    -Sticker chart to track every time super greens are eaten!.

    Sibling Kit

    -Fully Illustrated Storybook – Flint the Dragon learns to fly
    -5 kid-tested Green Smoothie Recipe Cards
    -(2x) Activity Pack
    -(2x) Stickers featuring book characters
    -(2x) Sticker chart to track every time super greens are eaten!.

    PS. As the creator of this Healthy Mail kit, I stand behind it 100%!
    I think you & your kids will LOVE it, but if, for whatever reason, you don’t, it can be returned within 15 days for a full refund!