Soft & chewy with crispy edges, these 100% whole grain chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are a delicious snack for healthy kids! 4
  Whole grain chocolate chip oatmeal cookies Rules of a chocolate chip cookie: It must be chewy- Not cake like, not crumbly- just chewy…and soft. With crisp edges. And tasty. A perfect chocolate chip cookie always has oatmeal. No negotiating here. 🙂 Likely because they were our standard cookie growing […]

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (100% whole grain)

Super Healthy Kids Meal Plan Review- A mom's review of this popular meal planning system! 10
Super Healthy Kids meal plan review   Motherhood rule number one: Your child will be “starving, mom!” beginning exactly 30 minutes before supper time. Sometimes 25 if you’re lucky. Coincidentally, it’s about the same time Pinterest hasn’t come through with a ‘quick and healthy meal idea for kids’ that you have ingredients […]

Super Healthy Kids meal plan review

Delicious, healthy snack that kids can make themselves! Easy, healthy snack recipe for kids from tiny tummy tales
  Superhero banana bites! Here’s a quick, fun, healthy snack recipe that your kids will be able to make without help! (Or without much help, for the littlest ones). Banana bites with some extra pa-zaz. Getting your child into the kitchen to make his own snack is a great way […]

Superhero banana bites + video

10 fun and easy ideas for a healthy kindergarten lunchbox
So this is our first year of lunchbox packing with our oldest off to kindergarten! Which has me thinking – what are things I can make to send that will be fun, healthy, and most importantly, eaten? As well as be nut free. There’s always that… no pb & j […]

10 fun & easy ideas for a healthy kindergarten lunchbox

Delicious sweet and sour lemon meringue pie overnight oats recipe. This whole foods breakfast recipe is perfect for a quick, easy, make ahead breakfast! Yum- awesome for healthy kids. 6
Lemon meringue pie overnight oats. Another breakfast with a delicious name. I’m all about making the names of recipes appealing to kids- just like putting Dora the explorer on a box of gummy fruit snacks sells to kids, so does a tasty sounding name! Since we as parents are facing […]

Lemon Meringue Pie Overnight Oats

A fun kids' story about the importance of eating breakfast! Teach healthy eating habits with adventure stories!
Click the story cover to open the e-book! The scoop: Flint the dragon returns in this tale to explore a cave in with his friends Finn and Penny! But Flint did not eat breakfast… find out what happens when he tries to climb the West Mountain. And what will happen […]

Tale 6: Flint the dragon and no breakfast

Sloppy joes! She went and tweaked a classic meal like sloppy joes?! I did! 😀 Actually many (many many) times as I made and re-made this recipe till I got just what I was looking for. We love sloppy joes around here. Mainly because our boys will chow it right up […]

Slow-cooker lentil sloppy joes

Ten greek yogurt recipes for kids Greek yogurt… check! In cart. I’ll just fess right up that I really love greek yogurt. It’s filling for a quick breakfast or snack, it can be used in so many ways, and it tastes good to boot! Plus it’s loaded with probiotics. The […]

10 greek yogurt recipes for kids