A fun kids' story about the importance of eating breakfast! Teach healthy eating habits with adventure stories!
Click the story cover to open the e-book! The scoop: Flint the dragon returns in this tale to explore a cave in with his friends Finn and Penny! But Flint did not eat breakfast… find out what happens when he tries to climb the West Mountain. And what will happen […]

Tale 6: Flint the dragon and no breakfast

Sloppy joes! She went and tweaked a classic meal like sloppy joes?! I did! 😀 Actually many times as I made and re-made this recipe till I got just what I was looking for. We love sloppy joes around here. Mainly because our boys will chow it right up without a […]

Slow-cooker lentil sloppy joes

Ten greek yogurt recipes for kids Greek yogurt… check! In cart. I’ll just own right up that I really love greek yogurt. It’s filling for a quick breakfast or snack, it can be used in so many ways, and it tastes good to boot! Plus it’s loaded with probiotics. The […]

10 greek yogurt recipes for kids

delicious fruit and veggie salad recipe for kids! 4
The challenge. How can I get my kids to eat salad? Because kids don’t just look at salad and hop up and down with excitement. Well, not in this house anyways. Possibly your kids are hopping around with delight over salad 🙂 but if not, try this! The thing that […]

Rainbow salad with printable ‘I can make it’ PDF for ...

Reduce the amount of sugar your kids eat! Quick and easy blender berry syrup for healthy kids.
    The scoop: Quick, easy, and kid loved! Step 1: Put berries in blender Step 2: Add a little maple syrup Step 3: Blend! Step 4: Enjoy a syrup made of fruit instead of having your little one drown his pancakes in pure maple syrup! (Bonus= much cheaper as […]

Very berry syrup for healthy kids

Oven roasted sweet potato fries and mildly spicy greek yogurt dip. Super easy and delicious for healthy kids!
  The scoop: Oven roasted sweet potato fries and greek yogurt dip. Easy and tasty! If you have 25 minutes, you’re set to get these beside your meal. Perfect for a hamburger BBQ supper along with a rainbow salad. These oven roasted little morsels are easy for toddlers to handle and […]

Roasted sweet potato fries & greek yogurt dip

    Sugar! It seems to be in everything from peanut butter to cookies, to ketchup! And yet we always hear the well meaning advice to ‘limit the amount of sugar your kids are eating…’ We know the advice is sound. You know it- I know it, and likely our […]

7 delicious ways to reduce sugar in your kids’ food

Delicious & creamy strawberry-coconut breakfast oatmeal recipe! This is quick, easy, and kid loved! Great breakfast idea for healthy kids.
The scoop: Strawberry-coconut oatmeal. This is one of our absolute favourite summer breakfasts! It’s one that i’ve made for a couple of years now, and keep refining it. This is for you if you love: -creamy -mildy sweet -fruit filled -smooth -quick & easy oatmeal for breakfast, that your kids […]

Creamy strawberry-coconut oatmeal

And the garden grew. It grew and it grew and it grew. And the beet patch looked awfully crowded. Those little beets weren’t going to grow up to be plump, delicious beets for roasting because there simply was no room! And so we started yanking. Thin, thin, thin. And then a little […]

Chocolate-berry ‘beet green’ smoothie

Easy, flavourful, and tender slow cooker roast beef. Quick and easy dinner recipe for busy moms!
The scoop: Easiest meals are almost always slow cooker recipes, in my experience. This one is no exception! Five minutes to stir some spices together and cover your roast, set it to go, and you’re set! A flavourful, tender roast will be waiting when you return from work, or your […]

Slow cooker roast beef