5 awesome healthy kids' food blogs for every mom

5 awesome healthy kids’ food blogs 4

5 awesome healthy kids' food blogs for every mom

Once there was a Mom who dreamed of:

  • feeding her kiddos wonderfully nutritious food
  • reducing processed foods in her home
  • & teaching her little chefs healthy eating habits

So she bustled onto google and searched for healthy kids’ food recipes and tips, and came up with a billion results. Which would be wonderful if she wanted to still be reading through all the search results when she had grandchildren. However, her kids needed to eat right now and what she needed was a list of great sites as a starting point!

I’ve been that Mom before, wishing for a list of great sites to start with! If you are her now, this is for you.

These are a few of the blogs that I have found very useful, both for delicious recipes as well as for interesting articles related specifically to healthy kids’ foods and great eating habits. (These sites are in no specific order- they’re all worth looking into!)

Great kids' food blogs

1 Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

Mel is a mom who makes “real food in a real world with a real family!” Her site is absolutely loaded with tasty recipes! It’s awesome for someone who is just beginning to look at reducing processed foods in their home. One thing I really appreciate is that Mel uses ingredients that are basic and familiar. No hunting around the grocery store! Her recipes are very much kid approved in our house!

One of my favourite recipes:

Delicious homemade pizza sauce!

Mel’s homemade pizza sauce is extremely quick and very tasty! It takes only a few basic ingredients and a blender or food processer (no cook!), and in a couple of minutes you have fresh, homemade pizza sauce! It’s super easy to adapt if you want it spicier, chunkier, more veggie-ful, etc.

(This photo is taken by Mel’s kitchen cafe and used with permission. Thanks Mel!)


2 Super Healthy Kids

This is a great site run by Amy (bachelors degree in Health Education) and Natalie (registered dietitian). From their about page: “Their vision is to continue to help both parents and educators make it easier to feed kids nutritious food with a focus on fruits and veggies, that is fun, simple and delicious!” I’d say they are succeeding! 🙂

They have oodles of healthy recipes, fun food tips, and interesting articles about healthy eating.

One of my favourite recipes:

Awesome resources for healthy kids' eating

Super healthy kids’ homemade whole wheat tortillas is my go-to tortilla recipe. They are made of basic ingredients that I always have on hand, and they freeze well! I’ve made double batches with the specific intention of freezing the leftovers. If time allows for you to try this recipe next time you’re using tortillas, these will turn a good lunch into an awesome lunch. Three cheers for Mom! 🙂

(This photo is taken by Super Healthy Kids and used with permission. Thank-you SHK!)


3 Real Mom Nutrition

This is an awesome, down to earth site. The author is Sally, a registered dietician. Her posts and recipes are based around whole foods, and are great for someone who feels overwhelmed by the thought of reducing processed foods or “eating healthy”. She keeps it real, and I love reading her articles! No judgement, no banning foods or food groups- really just basic, good advice.

One of my favourite recipes:


Sally’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Oatmeal Cups recipe is awesome! These muffins are filling and can easily be carted along in the car without making a mess for an easy road trip snack. And did I mention tasty? Naturally, only if you love peanut butter and chocolate…Munch. (We’ll have to end here.. I don’t talk with my mouth full…)


4 100 days of real food

The creator of 100 days of real food is Lisa Leake and her site has tons of great content, all specific to cutting out processed foods!

She and her family did a 100 day challenge to eat completely without processed foods, which is how her site began. Now she continues to add whole foods recipes and articles for families who want to reduce processed foods in their homes as well! Her recipe collection includes many homemade substitutes for typical store bought processed foods.

One of my favourite recipes                                          Great resource sites for healthy kids' food!

This whole chicken in a crockpot is the easiest way to cook a chicken! Pop it into the slow cooker in the morning with a few spices and onion, and turn the slow cooker on. That’s all there is to it! We love to pair it with roasted veggies. Delicious!


5 The Natural Nurturer

Taesha Butler is the mother and teacher behind this awesome blog, and she has a growing collection of delicious recipes! Many of her recipes are allergen free, which is so helpful if you have a child with a dairy or gluten allergy. Plus, I dare you to go check her site out and not want to make every recipe… her pictures are amazing!

One of my favourite recipes:

Cherry smoothie for healthy kids

Taesha’s cherry berry bomb smoothie is creamy and packed with flavour. It’s a great smoothie for a filling snack, with the addition of avocado and chia seeds. It was definitely a hit here!


Tips!  🙂

I asked some of these bloggers if they would  be willing to share a tip that would be helpful to someone just starting out in reducing processed foods for themselves and their families. These are the great tips I received in response!

“Our best advice in starting out is to focus on the foods you should be including in your diet, rather than feel guilty or overwhelmed at the foods you should eliminate.  We support a positive message regarding kids and food choices, and if they only learn what healthy foods they need to eat each day to feel great, than that is what we want them to know!” -Super Healthy Kids

“I suppose the best piece of advice I can give (since I’m still on the journey of cutting down on processed foods myself with my family) is to not feel overwhelmed like you have to take down the whole processed foods world at once. Start small! Choose one or two things to cut out and get them out of your house (so it’s not easy to fall back on them). Once you’ve adapted to that change, choose a couple more.” -Mel (of Mel’s Kitchen Cafe)


Healthy Kids' Food Blogs

Hopefully some (or all) of these blogs are helpful in finding great recipes and healthy eating habit tips! (Before grandchild little chefs enter the picture…) There are definitely other great healthy kids’ food blogs as well. Leave a comment sharing other ones you love!

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