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  • For the mom who is tired of worrying about how much nutrition her kiddos are getting because of a limited diet
  • For the mom who wants to get away from the well meaning advice from friends of ‘just don’t give her another option and she’ll eat eventually’…
  • 🌀For the mom who wants her kids to grow up with a healthy relationship with all varieties of foods, understanding the value of healthy foods, and enjoying treats as delicious ‘sometimes’ foods!

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A course moms who want to quit counting bites & hiding veggies for good.

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Lesson 1: Why bite counting isn’t serving you + what to do instead

Lesson 2: Principle 1 to less picky eating

Lesson 3: Principle 2 to less picky eating

Lesson 4: Principle 3 to less picky eating

Lesson 5: Setting yourself up for success