delicious fruit and veggie salad recipe for kids! 4
Salad for kids  The challenge. How can I get my kids to eat salad? Because kids don’t just look at salad and hop up and down with excitement. Well, not in this house anyways. Possibly your kids are hopping around with delight over salad 🙂 but if not, try this! […]

Rainbow salad with printable ‘I can make it’ PDF for ...

Quick & delicious kid approved coleslaw salad, great for the whole family! This has a yummy honey-lime, greek yogurt dressing. Healthy kids food! 2
Boldly stamped as kid approved, Mom looks sceptically at the coleslaw. How much kid approved? She isn’t so easily swayed. Be swayed! No false stamping here! 🙂 Obviously everyone has individual tastes, but this has a very kid-friendly sweet/tangy flavoured dressing, and nothing too outlandish as far as veggies go. Coleslaw […]

Pomegranate honey-lime coleslaw (Kid approved!)