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Oven roasted sweet potato fries and mildly spicy greek yogurt dip. Super easy and delicious for healthy kids!
  The scoop: Oven roasted sweet potato fries and greek yogurt dip. Easy and tasty! If you have 25 minutes, you’re set to get these beside your meal. Perfect for a hamburger BBQ supper along with a rainbow salad. These oven roasted little morsels are easy for toddlers to handle and […]

Roasted sweet potato fries & greek yogurt dip

Delicious and easy, mildly spicy with a sweet undertone in these sweet potato filled mini meat loafs! Such a fun idea for a healthy kid-loved meal. 4
Sweet potato meatloaf boats Quick Easy Mildly spicy but still full of flavour 🙂 My boys are always well pleased when their supper plates have something fun on them, and these meatloaf boats are no exception. Plus the bonus is, they are extremely (very very very) quick to throw together! (And […]

Sweet potato meatloaf boats

Creamy and flavour packed mushroom wild-rice soup! Healthy kid loved recipe. Dairy free, gluten free, whole foods, and tasty:)
The scoop: Wild rice soup is such a well loved favourite, and no wonder! Creamy, flavourful, and pretty easy to make! But if you’re sensitive to dairy at all, ‘creamy’ might make you cringe… Enter……. cashews!! ‘Oh yeah? what are they so great for?’ So glad you asked… these are […]

Mushroom wild-rice soup (dairy free)

Quick and healthy slow cooker chicken noodle soup. Great healthy kids' meal idea recipe! Uses spaghetti for the noodles! 2
  The Scoop on the slow cooker chicken noodle soup: If you’re a Mom looking for a… quick easy healthful familiar ingredient laden fun! slow cooker …soup that is a cinch for your little chef to help you prep, welcome! You’ve come to the right place! How nice. 😀 This […]

Slow cooker chicken noodle soup