Soft & chewy with crispy edges, these 100% whole grain chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are a delicious snack for healthy kids! 4
  Whole grain chocolate chip oatmeal cookies Rules of a chocolate chip cookie: It must be chewy- Not cake like, not crumbly- just chewy…and soft. With crisp edges. And tasty. A perfect chocolate chip cookie always has oatmeal. No negotiating here. 🙂 Likely because they were our standard cookie growing […]

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (100% whole grain)

Fudgy mint-skor brownies
Rules of the ultimate brownie: Fudgy. Definitely fudgy. If you’re in the cakey brownie lovers club, you’ve come to the wrong blog post. Taa taa! Welcome back when you’ve realized the folly of your ways.  ; ) Semi-sweet… or dark chocolate flavoured. None of those ‘so sweet that it sets […]

Fudgy mint brownies (with skor bits)