Delicious & creamy strawberry-coconut breakfast oatmeal recipe! This is quick, easy, and kid loved! Great breakfast idea for healthy kids.
The scoop: Strawberry-coconut oatmeal. This is one of our absolute favourite summer breakfasts! It’s one that i’ve made for a couple of years now, and keep refining it. This is for you if you love: -creamy -mildy sweet -fruit filled -smooth -quick & easy oatmeal for breakfast, that your kids […]

Creamy strawberry-coconut oatmeal

Oranges, mangos, greens, cashews and dates blend together to make this delicious, kid approved green smoothie! Great healthy kids' snack or breakfast recipe. 2
  The scoop- kid approved green smoothie   ‘…but it’s green!’ If the colour green in a smoothie is a deal breaker around your house, here’s a little story for you. Or more precisely, for your dubious kitchen connoisseur. (Unless its you not making any green smoothie deals, and then […]

Creamy cashew (kid approved) green smoothie

Healthy kid friendly oatmeal breakfast recipe! Fun breakfast with apple ring 'marshmallows' and sweetened with honey. Get healthy kids in the kitchen
The Scoop: Healthy kids ‘marshmallow’ oatmeal porridge. Sounds a little sticky! Never fear, read on… So, not s’mores kind of marshmallows… Get your little helper into action, having her snip up these ‘marshmallows’ for you out of dried apple rings like the fairies do in the story (below). 🙂 Oatmeal […]

Healthy apple ‘marshmallow’ oatmeal