Quick and easy chocolate chip cookie dough hummus kids snack. A delicious, more healthy snack for kids! 4
Chocolate-chip cookie dough hummus Here’s a quick and easy dessert for you busy moms! I’m a fan of this hummus for 3 main reasons, aside from it being tasty: Max 10 minutes to make it, start to finish (if you choose to toast the oatmeal) Lots of nutritious goodness from […]

Chocolate-chip cookie dough hummus

get kids to try new foods with a few simple strategies! 2
  > Get kids to try new foods without bribing, negotiating, or counting bites Have you ever wondered…”what should we eat today?” Followed by something along these lines?   “That white chicken chili I had for lunch at a friends’ house last week was delicious and she gave me the […]

Get kids to try new foods without the fuss

14 healthy Christmas recipes for kids! Whole grains, fruits, veggies, and less sugar- just for the holidays! 8
While i’m not looking to be the grinch who stole Christmas, standing guard in front of the usual sugar filled Christmas treats, i’ve been seeing tons of awesome ideas for fun and delicious kids’ Christmas treats that are jammed with nutritious fruits, whole grains, and much less sugar! Mixing some […]

14 healthy Christmas recipes for kids!

Delicious and easy kid loved morning glory muffins made with whole grains, oranges, and seeds! They are dairy free- a great healthy kids breakfast recipe! 2
Kids’ healthy morning glory muffins  Christmas oranges. Who else grew up with them? We always had many boxes of mandarin oranges at our house around Christmas time, and they were so delicious! One always ended up in the toe of our stockings also, wrapped up cutely just like a present in […]

Kids’ healthy morning glory muffins- winter edition