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Do you know you want your kids eating healthier?

Maybe you want to break up with bite counting.

Perhaps you have Pinterest boards housing all kinds of healthy recipes, pinned with the best intentions of trying with your family- but haven’t made any… or have tried some, only to have them snubbed at the table.

And maybe you wonder way too often why everyone in the family can’t just eat one. meal. #withoutafuss


Hi to you, Mom friend. Hugs. I hear you!

You’re undoubtedly doing an awesome job raising your little cherubs, & knowing how important it is for them to munch down something nutritious at mealtime makes for a stressful table when they seem determined not to care.

I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to ditch some mealtime drama, to get some veggies into your child’s stomach without bringing on World War Three, and to be DONE with stressing over what your 3 year old will and will not approve of on his plate. 

This website is my letter to you- a resource where i’m sharing everything that’s worked here at our table with our 4 little boys. I’d love to have you as part of this community where, together, we can bring peace to your table.


When you join the tiny tummy tales community, you’ll find support in ditching the fuss and in making mealtimes enjoyable for the whole family. 

tiny tummy tales

My tale:

Was it really such a lofty goal? As a young mom, it seemed like getting my kids to eat healthy food should be simple! The hardest part would be finding my way through the mind numbing jungle of advice out there on the ‘best ways to feed your family’… right? The rest would fall into place, happily eating ever after!

Enter the cherubs.

As it turns out, not even all my research, pinning, and recipe attempts would translate into food from plate into stomach. Imagine! …So what’s a mom to do? The one bite rule? No dessert? Preach about the health benefits? Hide the veggies?

Though I’ve certainly used all of those tactics (See me raising my hand here!), what I’ve had the most success with is something totally different.


I set out to make healthy eating normal. 

Awesome, even. I’ve grabbed onto it and welcomed it into our home every day, so that our kids can get to know #healthyeating as they grow up without it being stressful, boring, yucky, restrictive, or anything other than completely normal

  • I started getting them involved
  • I offered choices- turns out it’s pretty effective!
  • I looked for ways to make healthy eating fun in quick ways that an already busy mom could handle
  • I welcomed them into the kitchen (while staying relatively sane… stick around to learn how!) 😛 
  • And I told stories. Stories to teach them the ‘why’. To get them on board & to offer them ownership of their own healthy eating choices. 

And lo and behold, it has worked! It’s absolutely still a work in progress, and likely will never be ‘done’. But rather than dreading mealtime drama, we make food together and enjoy even veggie-filled meals of all kinds without a fuss… and you can too!


Where to start:

-To read more about how healthy eating has become an enjoyable, do-able lifestyle rather than a battle, start with this post: Get your kids to eat healthy food (happily)

-Check out my first published children’s storybook. This book is one of many stories I have shared with my own boys, this one with the theme of making greens awesome.

Kids book all about loving greens- secret kingdom adventure story

If this site sounds like something you’re interested in, I’d love to have you join the tiny tummy tales community!



Let’s make healthier eating with less fuss happen, together!


P.s. I would love to hear from you!

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