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 Welcome to tiny tummy tales!

I’m thrilled you stopped by! Let me introduce this healthy kids’ food site to you.

On this site you will find healthy kids’ recipes, and stories. (aka-tales).


first, the recipes:

You’re going to find healthful, kid loved recipes that the whole family can enjoy!

I shop at a typical chain grocery store, so you should have easy access to any ingredients used here.

The recipes are built around including wholesome, nutritious ingredients. Whole grains, seeds, legumes, and lots of fruits and veggies are what I focus on mixing into these recipes!

I also search for ways to reduce sugar in my recipes while keeping them tasting delicious and kid loved.

My recipes include all food groups. When possible, I add instructions for dairy free/gluten free options because many kids have sensitivities to these.

Whole grain + quinoa + flax stovetop granola bar recipe! Great for a healthy kids' snack!

(Peanut butter granola bars (whole grain) with chocolate scribble)



then the tales…

There are 2 types of tales happening here.

The tiny tales:

Short stories which are written featuring a specific tiny tummy tales recipe. Think of this as a fun introduction to a new food for our little helpers. Remove the pressure of ‘new’ with the fun story characters!

Introduce new recipes through kids stories! :) Fun for healthy kids

In Tiny tale: a fairy breakfast, meet 2 fairy sisters and learn about apple ‘marshmallow’ oatmeal!

Second tales: Magic kingdom adventure tales 

(aka the Enchandelle tales)

These longer stories are intended for older preschoolers (4 +) and early elementary aged kids. Print a story and come explore the magical kingdom of Enchandelle, meeting all sorts of fantastic creatures along the way!

These second tales are here to help introduce basic healthy eating habits in a fun and unassuming way for imaginative little kitchen helpers!

Teach kids about healthy eating through stories at tiny tummy tales!

In tale 5: a visit to the dwarf village learn about growing food in a garden and join the Enchandelle characters at a harvest feast!

So again, welcome! Have fun as you and your Jr. chef(s) read, mix, measure, bake, and sneak tastes together, creating a happy and healthy relationship with food in your own kitchen!


So, who is this site for?:

You belong here if you:

  • have children preschool – early elementary age
  • love to read stories and (sometimes) enjoy having your children in the kitchen with you:)
  • dream of your kids enjoying eating healthy meals and snacks
  • are looking for a fun way to showcase healthy eating so that hopefully there is less fuss with new foods
  • know that the colourful pictures on the boxed snacks and cereals ‘sell’, and you are ready to fight back with fun ways to make healthy foods look just as appealing
  • know that healthy eating can be delicious and you dream of your kids knowing this also!

In summary, you are a mom who welcomes a way to show your kids how healthy eating isn’t ‘yuk’, isn’t something that needs to be forced or battled, and isn’t for mom only!

You know that teaching healthy eating habits isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s like teaching the importance of kindness or learning letters; something that has to be taught and reviewed over and over. There isn’t an easy answer! But we don’t give up just because it’s not easy 🙂

If you want a fun tool for your ‘mom tool belt’, then you’re in the right spot! I won’t offer guarantees that this will magically transform every childs’ views on healthy food 100% of the time, (not that you wouldn’t see right through that!) but it will give a way to take the pressure off ‘healthy’ and ‘new’!


Smooth and creamy tropical smoothie with fruits, veggies, and greek yogurt! Easy, healthy, and nutritious kids snack idea!



Who am I?

tiny tummy tales

  • I’m Kendra, Canadian mom of 3 curious and energetic little boys and their baby brother.
  • My Minnesota husband and I are raising these 3 rascals on the beautiful Canadian prairies.
  • I grew up on a farm
  • Random fact: When I was a little girl I sang to chickens in hopes of getting one more egg for some cookies (older brothers have some great ideas..)
  • Scheming new recipes makes me 😀
  • My love of writing started as far back as I remember- back in the days when I had a beauteous mushroom haircut… I’m sure it was quite stylish? Surely someone can relate…
  • Another love: classical music- especially listening to my husband play the violin 🙂

Thank you for stopping by!


P.s. I would love to hear from you!

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