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No more counting bites and hiding veggies

When it comes to feeding picky eaters, counting bites and hiding veggies gets old. FAST.

Here at tiny tummy tales, I encourage you to look beyond the ordinary.

I want your kids eating veggies without hiding them or counting bites.

It’s time to take a different approach! Welcome to join the hundreds of moms here at tiny tummy tales who are doing just that.

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Welcome, mom friend!


My Tale

Was it really such a lofty goal? As a new mom, it seemed like getting my kids to eat healthy food should be simple!

The hardest part would be finding my way through the mind numbing jungle of advice out there on the ‘best ways to feed your family’… right? The rest would fall into place, happily eating ever after!

...enter the cherubs

As it turns out, not even all my research, pinning, and recipe attempts would translate into food from plate into stomach. Imagine! …So what’s a mom to do? The one bite rule? No dessert? Preach about the health benefits? Hide the veggies?

Though I’ve certainly used all of those tactics, they only left me frustrated.

What I’ve had the most success with is something totally different.

Rather than looking for ways to ‘make’ my kids eat new & healthy foods, I set out to ‘have them choose it for themselves’. #notimpossible

By following a few simple strategies, our home (with 4 little ones) has mealtime peace.

And yours can too 🙂

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