“I have a 5 year old boy. The only veggie he eats is carrots because he doesn’t think they are a vegetable (not sure why…). He does not always eat what we eat at dinner. He prefers nuggets, pasta, chicken, pb&j and pancakes.” “I just want to make one meal […]

Get kids eating veggies guide

The secret to less picky eating
  The secret to less picky eating  The secret. That’s a pretty bold statement. It would almost seem like i’ve come across something that no one else has ever heard of and it’s going to solve all the world’s picky eating problems.   Well, I haven’t. Solved all the problems. […]

The secret to less picky eating

5 tips for buying healthy food on a budget
5 tips for buying healthy food on a budget “That costs how much?” “I can’t afford healthy food.” When it comes to healthy eating, one of the biggest challenges is the cost at the till. It all seems so nice when the items are stacking up in the cart- Best […]

5 tips for buying healthy food on a budget

Kid loved chili  “I don’t like chili” “It’s too spicy! I’m not eating it.” “Beans are too squishy.” Welcome to the all too familiar scene as I served chili for supper. I tried many different recipes without success. Too spicy. Too bean-y. Too hot. This recipe was born out of […]

Supercharged kid loved maple chili

“I’m not eating cucumbers.” “You put onion in this!” “I don’t like any green things in my spaghetti sauce!” What’s a mom to do? Getting kids to eat healthier food can be daunting. Overwhelming. Stressful. Make a mom want to stick her head in the sand and let the kids […]

Tips for moms who want their kids to eat healthier ...

Leftover-Oatmeal Muffins- full of whole grains, and a delicious kids snack #healthykids #kidssnacks
Leftover-Oatmeal Muffins What can I do with leftover oatmeal porridge? Have you ever asked that?   Maybe there are extras due to an over zealous estimation on how much your kids would eat…   or because someone slept in and grabbed a granola bar on the way out the door to […]

Leftover-Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins

awesome free meal planning app
The best (free!) meal planning app I’m all about minimizing the number of days when 4:30 hits and meal inspiration…doesn’t. You know- about the time you begin hunting through your ‘meals to try’ board on pinterest and find out that: You should have pulled a package of chicken breasts out […]

Awesome FREE meal planning app

5 hacks for mom to get kids to eat healthy food 4
5 Mom hacks to get kids eating healthy foods Elaborate food art isn’t my thing. It’s just not. Some moms are amazing at it and love to do it, and i’m impressed by what they create! Their kids undoubtedly love it too! Make food fun- especially new stuff, and it’s […]

5 hacks to get kids eating healthy foods