5 hacks for mom to get kids to eat healthy food 4
5 Mom hacks to get kids eating healthy foods Elaborate food art isn’t my thing. It’s just not. Some moms are amazing at it and love to do it, and i’m impressed by what they create! Their kids undoubtedly love it too! Make food fun- especially new stuff, and it’s […]

5 hacks to get kids eating healthy foods

Veggie smoothies for kids If you’re looking for an easy way to start getting more veggies (happily) into your kids’ stomachs, grab smoothies with both hands and run with them. Especially if you have a selective eater, this is an awesome way to get them used to ‘eating’ veggies. Rather […]

12 veggie smoothies for kids

Quick and easy chocolate chip cookie dough hummus kids snack. A delicious, more healthy snack for kids! 4
Chocolate-chip cookie dough hummus Here’s a quick and easy dessert for you busy moms! I’m a fan of this hummus for 3 main reasons, aside from it being tasty: Max 10 minutes to make it, start to finish (if you choose to toast the oatmeal) Lots of nutritious goodness from […]

Chocolate-chip cookie dough hummus

get kids to try new foods with a few simple strategies! 2
  > Get kids to try new foods without bribing, negotiating, or counting bites Have you ever wondered…”what should we eat today?” Followed by something along these lines?   “That white chicken chili I had for lunch at a friends’ house last week was delicious and she gave me the […]

Get kids to try new foods without the fuss

Delicious peanut butter and jam breakfast smoothie for kids! Healthy kids food breakfast or snack recipe 5
PB & J Breakfast Smoothie   So, I never ate peanut butter and jam growing up. I just didn’t. It didn’t look appealing to me at all. I snobbishly turned my nose up at it and had nothing to do with pb & j. I was a mom of 2 […]

PB & J Breakfast Smoothie

Deliciously creamy blueberry pie oatmeal. This kid loved breakfast is a great healthy alternative to cold cereal and is quick & easy! Healthy breakfast for kids :) 10
  Blueberry pie oatmeal. Even though you aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover, I’m guilty judging recipes by their name all the time. And you can bet your kids are too! Give it a fun name, make it tasty, and what’s not to love? If you have […]

Blueberry Pie Oatmeal (Kid loved)

Get kids eating healthy foods with a simple strategy 4
“I don’t like this!” “This is gross.” “What’s that green stuff?”   You’d think at times that offering kids a healthy meal is on the same ‘bad, bad, very bad’ list as cleaning toilets. From sudden lack of hunger (followed in 10 minutes by a starving 3 year old) to […]

Get your kids to eat healthy food (happily)

14 healthy Christmas recipes for kids! Whole grains, fruits, veggies, and less sugar- just for the holidays! 8
While i’m not looking to be the grinch who stole Christmas, standing guard in front of the usual sugar filled Christmas treats, i’ve been seeing tons of awesome ideas for fun and delicious kids’ Christmas treats that are jammed with nutritious fruits, whole grains, and much less sugar! Mixing some […]

14 healthy Christmas recipes for kids!